About Mark

Mark Johnson Profile

“Proud South Australian, Englishman, husband and father. UCL Alumnus. Loves sport, business, education, people and leadership theory.”

My Story:

Growing up in London, I moved to Adelaide in my late 20s for a short period in 2010…4 years later I’m married to a local girl and struggling with the reality that my children will support Australia over England in sport.

I’ve been a recruiter and recruitment manager since 2007 which started in the UK (start of GFC) and Australia (mid GFC). I love recruitment. I’ve enjoyed learning the craft, helping customers achieve their goals, delivering team and individual profit, improving processes & procedures and pushing for innovation. Key to every success I’ve had in recruitment, they’ve revolved around key themes: Listening to the Customer, Creating a Great EVP, Increasing the awareness of the brand (once the product is defined) and an internal High performing, Collaborative Culture.

Prior to moving to Australia I spent 3 years with a specialist Financial Recruitment and Search & Selection Consultancy in the United Kingdom working with clients in London, Thames Valley and Europe.We partnered with a variety of companies from SMEs to larger well-known brands such as: Apple, Johnson & Johnson, LG, Honda and Lexmark – we learned how important it was to treat candidates and clients equally and be true specialists in a highly competitive market.

I didn’t “fall into recruitment”. Recruitment, HR and Consulting is in the family. While in my teens I was inspired by his cousin Reza Mirsadeghi, who founded and sold the UK based Recruitment company Capstan to Capita Resourcing in 1999. My other cousin Tim, owns ITPER – a successful international education recruitment firm.

The enthusiasm with which my cousins worked inspired me to become a recruiter in my teens. I won a “Young Entrepreneur” award at School (Merchant Taylors’) for writing a business plan based on a “handyman agency” which in turn offered apprenticeships to students wanting to learn a trade. My godfather, a Customer Service Director, also gave regular support and advice on how important interaction with customers is to the successful running of any business.

I’ve  always had a passion for sport, writing and connecting with people. While at University (University College London) I studied European History – with a strong focus on Politics and Economic History (whenever I wasn’t playing rugby or in the student union bar). I also worked as a fitness instructor enjoying the interaction with customers and helping them reach their goals.

I spent the rest of my free time gaining professional experience; writing for a newspaper and managing a branch of Chiropractic Health Clinics Ltd. set up by my father Ian Johnson (a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and a world leader in the field of research for Motor Neurone Disease) – Dad’s without a doubt, my biggest inspiration.

Dad is an academic, a specialist in Neuroanatomy, and wanted to build a business which helped cure its customers while educating them on how to prevent injury (essentially stopping them from paying for your services). I looked at marketing strategies to increase patient numbers and saw how important it is to be a speicalist (the best in your field), ethical in your approach (not transactional) and how important the personal connection is with customers, especially when you genuinely help them.


Market Knowledge, Research, Business Development, Networking, Interview Preparation, Listening.

Passionate about

Attracting, Recognising, Retaining and Developing Talent.

All thoughts and rantings are my own.

Please feel free to connect via Twitter or LinkedIn.




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