“I Want to Break Free…”

Making the move from an Accounting Practice to Commerce & Industry.


For some Accountants the thought of a lifetime of time-sheets, audit and/or tax quite simply doesn’t cut it. *shivers*

The attraction of working in Commerce & Industry usually pulls these people away between 3-5 years.

Cutting your teeth in an accounting firm gives you a great technical foundation to break into Commerce & Industry. Despite this, I hear from many candidates that they are being told they don’t have the necessary skills to move into their dream role.

So what’s the deal?

Firstly, don’t fear. You will get a role in Commerce & Industry – and it won’t necessarily have to be an in house audit or tax role. I’ve placed Tax Consultants and Audit Associates into highly commercial positions that have had not professional experience in budgeting and forecasting – and they are doing extremely well. It depends on you and how you present yourself to your future employer.

Secondly, how do you differentiate yourself from the other top uni graduates with 3 years’ experience in an accounting firm that are applying for the same job?

1)      Get Your CV right:

A CV makes or breaks your chances of getting the dream job. Make it clear, succinct and relevant to the role. State your career objective and list your relevant skills for the role your applying to. Always ask for feedback on your CV from family and friends.

2)      Get Social:

The first search on you will be done on Google. It’s important that there’s nothing incriminating of you online – but almost as important in this day and age is having an online presence. LinkedIn is the first port of call but also make sure your Facebook and twitter profiles have relevant privacy setting and appropriate profile pictures.

3)      Get Networking:

Go to industry events, meet people and get amongst it. As a recruiter my biggest competitor is the “internal referral”. Get yourself along to not just accounting professional body events but also any other industry events that interest you.

4)      Get a Life:

Being a great accountant is important, but fitting into the team is more so. Companies recruit on skills and character. Extra Curricular activities usually indicate people have good social skills, can manage commitments and more importantly it adds to “small talk” in an interview which can help build rapport.

Break Free...




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