A Gap Analysis of a Recruitment Consultant…

We took a large piece of the market in Accounting & Finance team in Adelaide recently. That means to say that our loyal customers remained loyal (in fact more loyal if that’s possible!) and we won new customers…but it’s been a really tough market and we’ve had to work harder and smarter.

We’re proud of how we did this, and wanted to share this with our customers. We’re letting you know our secret…we asked our customers what were the most important things for them when choosing a recruiter*…crazy hey?

It falls into 3 main areas and 12 major points.


What’s important  when choosing a recruiter?

Attraction Strategy

1) Is the recruiter well respected?
2) How knowledgeable are they about their market?
3) How respected is their brand?
4) To what extent will they be able to attract the best customers to work with them?

Assessment Skills

5) What is the recruiter’s  track record in making similar successful placements?
6) What tools do they use to asses candidates for jobs?
7) How well do they understand the role you do?
8) How well do they understand specialist roles (Accounting, IT, HR Marketing etc.)?
9) How much do they actually listen or just babble on?

Making the Placement

10) How much can I trust this recruiter to cover all the bases with making the placement?
11) How honestly will they liaise with their customers to make sure there are no unexpected surprises?
12) How much do you trust them to negotiate on your behalf?

Mind the Gap

* Research collated from 179 customers in South Australia.


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