How to Build the Best Team (Part 2) – Recognition

“Discovering, Identifying and Rewarding”

“Attracting, Recognising, Retaining and Developing Talent”

It’s about being honest with yourself and your team. Identifying how to move forward and improve as one. Essentially we can boil it down to 3 main areas and apply to both prospective and current team members.

Like the previous blog, we need to start at the core. Which means starting with yourself. Examine best points and not so great points then expand that out to your team. Identify what is necessary to get “the perfect balance”. Personally I’m a big believer in playing people to their strengths where they are happiest. For example on the rugby field I won’t play a wing anywhere in the pack just because he’s in good shape. If you play people out of position, then they are exactly that – outside of their comfort zone. This will disrupt any team harmony.


Let’s Have a Look:


You need to find the right talent match. Look at the strengths and weaknesses of your team and recruit the right people with the right skill set and motivating factors. Hiring people just because they have a good skill set is not enough – they may disrupt the team cohesiveness. Heidi K. Gardner stresses this in “Manage Your Team’s Dissensus“. You want to make sure people have a sound understanding of what impacts the team dynamic (both positively and negatively).


Identify any concerns in your team;  actually ask for concerns in your 1on1 meetings. It’s so important to recognise where your current staff want to take their career and you need to try to cater for them. If you don’t identify this you’ll be surprised when they ask “Have you got a quick minute?” one Monday morning. Succession plans are ever so important especially with Gen Ys (generalisation alert!). Sandy Pentland writes how the best teams communicate frequently in “The Hard Science of Teamwork”. Finally, figure out what your company’s EVP (Employee Value Proposition) is and work on it. It’s important to hire people that don’t just fit the value of your company…but live and breathe them.


I’ve touched on this previously in Attracting and will do in my next blog. You need  to reward staff financially and be competitive to attract and retain. This needs to be an ongoing process while they are on board in reflection of their efforts and progress or your team will become disengaged. Some people like a pat on the back every now and then…but more leave because they don’t get any recognition. Rewards don’t just have to be financial, they can be as simple as a round of applause in a weekly meeting…as an acknowledgment. Ben Dattner looks at this is in “Give credit where it’s due”. You must make sure you reward your top performers while bearing in mind that everyone must be eligible for recognition.


In “The Secret Sauce of Teamwork” Heath Hall & Brett Thompson quote Henry Ford “Coming together is the beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success”. The Goal you need to have in Building the Best Team is to have achievable, visible KPIs to get a “blueprint” for best practice. Collaboratively, this will install a winning team culture.



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