How to Build the Best Team (Part 1) – The Laws of Attraction

“A Few Easy Steps for an Easy Life”

Attracting, Recognising, Retaining and Developing Talent

It’s the thing we crave in business. In fact businesses spend huge amounts of money trying to attract, recognise, develop and retain their greatest asset…the PEOPLE.

Attracting the right people is important. You want people outside of your organisation to hear great things about your company. How do you do this?

The answer is simple: Start from the Inside.

A ripe peach starts its life as stone or seed and needs to have the right conditions in order to germinate into a tasty fruit


Your PEOPLE are your best advocate. If they are successful and happy they will say great things about you – “Word of Mouth” or “Reputation”. This will attract the best TALENT. Our research shows PEOPLE need to be happy at work – so make sure you have the best managers in your organisation to inspire them.

Dark Report

Here’s what to focus on:

  1.       Be Successful – and celebrate your success. Success breeds success and the best PEOPLE want to be on the winning team.
  2.       Keep Recruiting70% of companies will still hire when they are making redundancies. An economic downturn is arguably the best time to seize an opportunity and attract the best TALENT.
  3.       Innovative Incentives – look at your remuneration, does it match what people want? Examine flexible working hours, bonuses, LTIs, super, healthcare, company phones etc.
  4.       Get Cooler – Your PEOPLE, your brand, your products, your social media, even business cards. Are you cool while being corporate?
  5.       Let them Eat Cake – or fruit…or at least breakfast. Google provide breakfast and lunch for all employees and many companies have a fruit bowl. My first company used to treat everyone to a pub lunch for birthdays. The whole “breaking bread” sentiment is noble but can be expensive – however the odd pizza or beer on the AMEX can go a long way..
  6.       Social Club – Make sure you’re doing things together as a team – you spend most of your life at work and yes it’s great to go home – but what if you actually had fun with the people you worked with inside and outside of work? Not compulsory but at least offer the odd event.
  7.       Be Ethical – Nobody wants to work for “The Bad Guys”. Our local whitepaper in Adelaide had “working for a company with good values and ethics” in the Top 5 things that attracted people to a role.

With 70% of workers actively keeping a lookout for new opportunities and 35% not expecting to be with their employer in 12 months time it’s a great time to make sure you’re an employer of choice so that you can help build the best team to carry you from the downturn to profit.






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